TOKIKATA® Maintenance Instructions

- 1Basic care of TP2T -.
What to prepare
Chamois leather for accessories
Cloth, etc. (tissues are not acceptable)
Scissor oil (low-viscosity, silky oil is recommended)
Boiling water (60-90°C)
01. Wipe off after treatment. (It is recommended to do this after each treatment)
1Wipe off sebum and dirt on the TP2T body well with the chamois leather provided after each treatment.
02. Regular cleaning (at least once a month)
*Every treatment is fine.
Prepare boiling water (60-90 degrees C) and wash TOKIKATA. *Please apply oil as much as possible after washing, especially for colorants, as they easily oxidize and cause rusting.
STEP1. Wash with boiling water and wipe well after washing.
*If stains cannot be removed, please use a toothbrush after cleaning with hot water. (Either a regular or electric toothbrush will work.)
STEP2. Point oil at the touch point and the screw.
STEP3. Wipe off the oil lightly and finish.
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