What is TOKIKATA®?

Controls hairline quirks and hair texture
Next-generation scissor comb.

2 patents granted in Japan

"PCT application is pending with the addition of one new model."

We set up a development period of about 4 years and commercialized it in 2019.This is a next-generation scissor comb that has been researched and researched so that it can be used in various salon scenes, such as improving hair growth and controlling hair quality.The following is a list of the most common problems with theThrough "TOKIKATA®︎", we hope to further contribute to the activities of many hairdressers.

About the main features of TOKIKATA

By unclogging the hair follicles, it has the effect of removing tangles and restoring the original position and flow of the hair follicles. As a result, after TOKIKATA treatment, the hair tends to have more volume on the top and less volume on the sides.

*Effect time is estimated to last from 1 to 3 weeks.
*There are individual differences depending on the treatment method, hair quality, and body type.

Continuous use or in combination with other treatments will extend the duration of effectiveness.

Before using TOKIKATA

After using TOKIKATA

01. Gives shine and body to hair.

By removing the sebum that has taken away the freedom of the hair while adjusting the tangles at the hair root, the hair becomes lighter and the shine and firmness that hair originally possesses are restored.

Before using TOKIKATA

After using TOKIKATA

Before using TOKIKATA

After using TOKIKATA

02. sebum removal and hair root correction effect

The human scalp is inherently filled with sebum that cannot be washed away with shampoo, and there are tangles of hair that cannot be untangled by normal combing.

By using TOKIKATA, sebum is removed and hair is untangled, which not only "eliminates split ends" but also creates a "shiny" look.

Sebum removal process


By passing TOKIKATA through the hair, the + protons between the hair (dirt such as sebum) repel each other (electrostatic repulsion), and the - electrons of TOKIKATA trigger the adsorption of sebum components.


Electrostatic repulsion removes sebum from the scalp, freeing the hair follicles and facilitating control of hair flow.


TOKIKATA is charged to induce moisture in the air, making it blend into the hair and give it luster.

Absorbs moisture from the air to add luster to cuticles,

Gives suppleness to the cortex.

Hair root correction effect


Scrubbing the scalp with TOKIKATA has the effect of correcting distorted pore shape in addition to removing sebum.

It is more effective to take a slice and rub it with added tension.

03. technology with special steel



It has the action of separating living and oxidized sebocytes,

At the same time, it restores the normal shape of hair follicles and helps capillary vessels function.
TOKIKATA also contains special materials,

It is possible to remove only oxidized sebum.











Finishing technology to 0.03 μm


Smoothing the surface roughness increases the contact surface with the hair,Promotes electrostatic repulsion due to frictional charging.

0.03 μm : TOKIKATA surface roughness

0.15 μm : TOKIKATA surface roughness before processing

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute/New View600s (by Zygo)

Ferromagnetic steel inspection

By using steel materials suitable for charge stabilization,Interacts with the polar molecules of sebum. Sebum components such as triglycerides and free fatty acids are removed.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute/X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Two types are available

BIGAMI" for compact hair quality control
SUGAMI" for natural hair quality control

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