SUGAMI" is a hairline curvature and hair flow
Recommended for those who want natural control.


151,800 yen (tax included)

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About the "SUGAMI" series

By unclogging the hair follicles, it has the effect of removing tangles and restoring the original position and flow of the hair follicles.

As a result, after using TOKIKATA, there is a tendency to increase the volume on the top and reduce the volume on the sides.

01. gives hair follicles freedom of movement and makes hair and scalp softer. (Hair root freedom)

02. we want to control the design and focus on the design. 

03. increase/reduce volume around the whirlpool and throughout the hair.

04. supported by people of all ages.

Material: TAS (original steel)

Examples of using SUGAMI

Example of CUT&TOKIKATA treatment



Examples of TOKIKATA treatment (short movie)

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