Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase/Payment Information

A. Our company Online Store You can purchase from

If you would like to see the actual product before purchasing, please visit our showroom in Yoyogi, Tokyo. . You can also purchase our products at our store. Please call or e-mail us to make an appointment for your visit.

A : Yes, we accept installments. Customers who wish to pay in installments by credit card should select "GMO Epsilon "*1 on the payment screen, and customers who do not have a credit card and wish to pay in installments should select "Orico Installment Payment "*2.
1 Fees for installment and revolving credit are in accordance with each credit card company.
2Purchase is subject to review and approval by ORICO. Approval by ORICO is required for purchase.

A :We are unable to change the payment method after the order has been completed.

Regarding loaned samples

A. We are sorry, but we do not currently offer samples for loan.
If you would like to see the actual product and its effects, please visit our showroom in Yoyogi, Tokyo. . You can try it out by coming to our store at
If you are too far away to visit us, we recommend that you have the treatment performed at a hair salon near you from the list of salons that have introduced the system.

Shipping and Delivery

A. Basically, it takes from 10 to 14 days for us to make an order.
However, it may take more than one month if there is a holiday or if materials need to be ordered.
For customers who would like to know more detailed delivery date, please contact us using the inquiry form before purchase.

Regarding maintenance and follow-up

A. As stated in the guarantee that came with the product, we can repair any damage caused by normal use within one year.

A : Please contact us through the free ZOOM seminar application form on our website.

A :TOKIKATA does not have a blade, so it does not require sharpening maintenance like regular scissors.
For maintenance in salon work, please see the Maintenance page.

Regarding TOKIKATA


[SUGAMI]"Bare hair."[BIGAMI]"Beautiful hair."

Both will produce volume on the top of the head.

The difference will be in the texture of the finished product.

[SUGAMI]"Bare hair."

Scalp improvement

Soft and smooth

Natural, natural finish → Setup as imagined

Those with aging hair and insufficient volume at the top of the head.

When targeting customers in their late 30's and up

Works well with perms and those who want to make the most of their curly hair.

Recommended for layers


[BIGAMI]"Beautiful hair."

Improved hair quality 

Great effect on firmness, elasticity, and luster

Moist, bunchy finish → close to shape memory

Effective for cracking habits

When targeting customers in their 20s to early 30s

Good with design color, highlights, and straightening

Recommended for one-lane and gradations.

A : No allergies occur with the TOKIKATA comb section, but there is a possibility that the scalp may be damaged if it is applied too strongly. Please check with the customer before applying the treatment.

A :Research results,

1) tokikata before applying liquid 1 dry

(2) They say that adding tokikata before ironing improves hair flow without tension.

(3) Adding more tokikata in the final process forms an oxidized film and improves durability.

Other questions

This is an example of a menu from a store that has introduced the product.

A : Many salons offer a trial period, a free campaign, or a monitoring campaign before offering a menu.

[Pattern 1

No fee is charged, but provided as an added value to your own technology.

[Pattern 2

Increase the unit price of your own menu and provide treatment to all customers (up unit price from ³,000 to ³,000).

Depends on the unit price of the salon's regular menu.

[Pattern 3

Normal menu unit price + tokikata fee

Whole head → up unit price ¥1,000~¥3,000 (treatment time: 5~20 minutes)

Part → up unit price ¥800-¥1,500 (treatment time: 5-10 minutes)

Depends on the unit price of the salon's regular menu.

There are few salons that offer only tokikata on their menus.

The effect of tokikata can be further enhanced by combining it with various regular menus.

[Pattern 4

Issue subscriber tickets to repeat customers

 Started at the request of a client 《Subscription Ticket》 *Purchased in advance

10,000 yen (2,000 x 5 sheets)
15,000 yen (3,000 x 5 tickets)

Advantage → You can come to the store when you want to, without an appointment.
For those who have already experienced TOKIATA and wish to continue
Shampoo and treatment are already done, and the customer comes to the store with the hair dried.
*It can be done in about 10 minutes at the counseling table.
Available even if booked with clients who have reservations.


[Pattern 5

tokikata" presents

Aging care for hair


〜Oxygen approach to hair and scalp

Adds oxygen to hair and scalp

Breathable scalp environment


〜Water retention" approach to hair and scalp

Adding minerals to hair and scalp

Scalp environment with high water retention capacity


~ Magic Scissor Comb

I don't cut my hair!

No drugs!

Improvement of hair quality and split ends


~ Cleansing of hair and scalp without the use of drugs


~ Infinite Highlights ~.

The unraveling of the hair root crossing is a good example of this.

Return to the correct growth pattern.

Buried highlights are back!


〜Uncrossing of hair roots and "natural straightening


〜Shampooing removes sebum and hair residue from the scalp that cannot be removed by shampooing alone. For shinier hair.



We asked a salon that actually uses the system.

A: We have received more new customers through social networking posts and word of mouth.

A: We are confident that customers who feel the effects of our services will become repeat customers, which will increase the frequency of their visits and deepen their trust in our company, leading them to become "lifetime customers.

A: We have an increasing number of family customers.

A: We have received so many requests for subscriber tickets from our customers that we are now receiving more "nominations" because of their satisfaction.

A: The addition of TOKIKATA makes it easier to perform a cut that takes into account hair quality and bone structure, which definitely updates the "cutting technique.

A: It makes it easier to set my hair before a photo shoot.

A : We will introduce you to a beautician near where you live. Please send us a message and we will check.

Inquiries about our products

Go to Scissor Street Inc.
Please feel free to contact us.