TOKIKATA® Instructions for use

Basic way to hold and use TOKIKATA
Just like holding regular scissors
The handle is in the familiar scissor shape, Please use it as if you were holding an ordinary scissor. There is no blade attached, so it will not damage your hair or cut it.
The blade is moved back and forth by about 3 blade tips.
Using about three tips of the comb blade as a guide, gently slide the back of the comb along the shape of the scalp, back and forth. At first, massage the scalp as if you were massaging the scalp, asking the model how hard she wants to be massaged. The hair is combed through to the ends after it has been untangled by TOKIKATA®, so that it is completely straight from root to tip. Simply move back and forth according to the roundness of the scalp.

01. Basic Operation

Left and right strokes

(1) Use your elbows to stroke in a smooth arc.

The scissors can be used in the open position to allow the cutting edge to follow the scalp.

The installation surface of the TOKIKATA is processed at an angle, so align it with this slanted surface and follow it to the scalp.

The tip of TOKIKATA is specially grooved to guide the hair flow.
Therefore, during the TOKIKATA treatment, it is important to take a slice in the direction you want to orient.

TOKIKATA treatment method by location

01. Cracked whirlpool habit

Cracked whirlpool / Approximate treatment time: 2-5 minutes

02. top

TOP start-up/usage guideline time: 1-3 minutes

03. front

Approximate front desk/treatment time: 1-3 minutes

04. nape

Nape / Approximate treatment time: 1-3 minutes

While the above is the basic method of use, we also offer ZOOM seminars on more detailed usage.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us using the application form below.

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